New Jersey

By Judith E.
Grade 6, New Jersey
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Gertrude A, my aunt has lived in the United states for 8 years. Although it may seem like little time, she thinks that she have been here forever. Gertrude was born in Nigeria, West Africa. She thinks it's a great place. There was never snow. Nigeria's culture is very different. My aunt says in Nigeria we speak 3 different languages, Igbo and English and we learn French as well. They also have dress codes. The girls wear skirts and the boys wear pants but at gym period girls wear shorts. According to my aunt there are lots of sports at school. Gertrude told me my mom was a great athlete and she won a lot of trophies. Nigeria is a great country. Aunt Gertrude now lives in West orange New Jersey. She tells me it's a very nice street. Besides New Jersey my aunt said she'd love to live in Minnesota. She'd love to live there because her whole family lives there.

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