By Amanda R.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

From the view of a teenager

I interviewed my grandmother, who lived a life through World War II. Betty Dodge was a teenager when the war started. She remembers blackouts and all of the posters. ˘My mother and father were very serious about these so called blackouts÷, she exclaims. Now she knows why they were. I mean it is not everyday that you have to turn out all your lights and be really quiet for a long period of time. ˘Mom and dad always saved their grease and other oils, and I never understood why until I was older.÷ she remarks. ˘I found out why and still do to this day I save my grease and other fats just in case, ÷ replies Betty. I had a very enjoyable time with my grandmother. I found out that at one point in time she had a life like we do now. This was very fun!

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