New Jersey

By Esther S.
Grade 6, New Jersey
Country of Origin: Liberia

Tyrone K, my uncle came to America from Liberia on September 5,1986. He has been here for sixteen years. He was born in Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa). Liberia is a great country. It is a place where there is not much fighting and has a stable government. At the time that he left one Liberian dollar was worth one American dollar. My uncle worked for himself in Liberia. He now lives in Trenton, NJ with his family. When he first came to America work was easy to find and there were a lot of factories. Now it is difficult to get a job because many companies have moved down to the South. If he could live anywhere it would still be in Trenton, NJ. because he has a stable job, many friends and relatives. My uncle traveled to St. Paul, MN for a wedding and in 1995 he went to Greensboro, NC for a high school reunion. Greensboro, NC reminds my uncle of where he was born.

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