New Jersey

By Farida I.
Grade 6, New Jersey
Country of Origin: Bangladesh

My sister, Fatema was born in Bangladesh. Fatema came to America when she was two years old. She has lived in Newark, New Jersey for twelve years. Fatema has also lived in other cities in New Jersey and three other states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. Bangladesh is a very poor country. It gained its independence in 1971. The city that she came from is Sylet which used to be located in India. Then it was in Pakistan. Finally, there was a war and became Bangladesh. But the religion wasn't Bengali or Islam. The Hindi people had populated Bangladesh. Then some guy named Shahajalal fought until Bangladesh people converted to Muslims. So that's how she is Muslim. The schools in Bangladesh are just as good as the schools here. Kindergarten through 5th grade is primary school, then 6th grade to 10th grade is high school, and then you start college. Dhaka University is located in the capital, Dhaka. Shahjalal University is a private college and costs 2 million dollars to get in. North South Dhaka is a university that is connected to Texas. Scholastica is a university in which elementary and high school students also attend. The things American children learn in 10th grade are the things Bangladesh students are learning at the age of 8, 9, and 10. They learn all about calculus, trigonometry, and social science in elementary school. Bangladesh students are disciplined in school.

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