By Abby A.
Grade 5, Illinois
Country of Origin: Philippines

I interveiwed Anna C.She was born in the Philippines.She immigrated from there ,too.She came on the year of 2000.She came here for the same reason alot of other people did ,too her husband's work.Alot of her other relative came here before her like aunts,uncles,& cousins they came in between the years of 1960-1990 they came here for better jobs.She says her trip over here was long,tiring,and sleepless.Her first impression of america was very nice,very clean,very disiplined,very green,& very modern.The most important thing she brought here is her kids.At home she was a practing dentist.School there is very hard you have to buy your own books you have to bring them & back to school everyday.For fun she likes shopping but she can practically do anything she can do here except to play in snow.

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