By Raul G.
Grade 5, Illinois

Lesli is a hardworking wife and mother of 3 children.She has been 12 years in the United States.Since 1990 she immigrated from Tegucigalpa were she was born in the country of Hunduras.For about 28 years she lived with mother and father.Her daily tasks were to cook,clean the house,and prepare for school also with that came homework.For fun she went out with her friends.At age 28 she dicided to strat a new and move on with her life.With her she brought a picture of her mother who belived in her.Although she passed by hardtimes she made it safely to America.As she entered Texas her firts tought was that she never wanted to be born.It was uglyand dirty.When she gets the time to talk she tells me that the same things that they teach her they teach over at her country.Now she wishes she was back home with her family.

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