By Emily H.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

WW II From A Different View
I interviewed my grandparents about WW II. My grandfather worked in cryptographics. In other words, he made and sent codes. Then he was sent overseas. My grandparents showed me all sorts of old newspapers, letters and¨the coolest of all¨my granddadĂs pictures from the war. He pointed out and named all of his old friends in his pictures, and showed pictures he took when they loaded him off the ships on D-Day! (He had all these pictures because he took a small camera with him.) No one that was close to them died, and my grandma had four brothers at war! They had many funny and sobering stories, but two stories are so funny that I must share them! When my grandparents got married, my granddad said, ˘Honey, if you ever serve Spam in our house you will really regret it!÷ The second is this: When he was in the Philippines, they got a shipment of fresh onions, and all the men started eating them as if they were apples. Gross!!! ˘I donĂt remember if they were sweet or sour. All I remember is that we were young men with large appetites, and there was something fresh in front of us.÷ I had a really great time talking with them and am glad to have saved part of history.

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