By Leah  C.
Grade 5, Illinois
Country of Origin: Philippines

I am interviewing my brother, Levy Jr. C. The year he came here was the year i was born, year 1992. He immigrated from Olongapo City, Philippines. His basic backround is that he is Filipino and his native country is the Philippines. His relatives came here before Levy because they wanted new and better jobs. My brother came to America because our mom and dad wanted their family to be with our uncle's and our other uncle's families'. Levy's next impression of America was that it was cold and the area was flat. My brother brought pictures with him here that was special to him. He brought this item because he wanted to bring his girlfriend but Levy decided not to because she was not able to fit in the luggage. Levy did not do anything for a living or work because he had school. The schools in the Philippines are different than the ones here because the schools in his native country are more strict and you are expected to work harder.

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