By Stephanie R.
Grade 5, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

The person I interviewed is Santiago V.,my step grandpa. He was born in El Almo,Mexico. He came to America in 1964 to work and to have a better life. He was the first of his family to come to America, so it was scary. He thought it was a nice country, at least it was better than how it was in Mexico. He did not bring anything special with him.Back home, he worked in a factory or in the fields.Now he is a construction worker,he removes carpet and replaces it with tile or takes off tile and puts in carpet.He knocks down walls or builds them up.He paints or puts up wallpaper.In other words he remodels homes. A constrution worker does that, am I right? He only went to 3rd grade, and here we go up to highschool or college.At home, he played baseball for fun.Here, baseball is the only sport he watches on television!!!

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