By Charley H.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Oral Interview Report I interviewed Stevia, a girl who used to live on an island in the Caribbean named Montserrat. She speaks perfect English, which made immigrating much easier for her. She left her country at the age of eight, because her grandmother wanted her to join her in America. The active volcano on her island frightened Stevia and her family. Stevia's grandmother filed all the papers needed to invite her family to the United States. They left in 1994 with all the things her mother thought were important. She left her friends and her home. Stevia came to this country with her mom, aunt, and young cousin. Stevia knew for two weeks that she was leaving before she told her friends and family. All her friends wanted her to leave because they thought it would be good opportunity. The last thing that she did before leaving her island was go to a festival. To get to America she to had to drive to a ferry in Montserrat, which then took her to Antigua. She took a plane from Antigua to Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico she took a plane to America. She landed at BWI airport. It was a very long trip. When she came to Baltimore she went with her mother, aunt, and cousin to live with her grandmother. The big difference that Stevia sees between Montserrat and Baltimore is that it is much warmer in Montserrat. Stevia told me that,

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