By chelsea C.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: TrinidadTobago

I interviewed Beulah who immigrated from Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela. Beulah was born on July 10, 1946 and after visting the U.S. on a vacation immigrated to the United States in 1988. She traveled to America by plane. When I asked her why she left her homeland, she said, ˘I leave because I always wanted to come here since I was 18 years old, and I loved it when I came here.÷ Beulah, like other immigrants, also heard America was the land of opportunity. Beulah had two choices about where to visit, and later to live; Baltimore or the concrete jungle of New York. She was advised that Baltimore was a quieter and a calmer city, so she choose to fly into BWI airport. She brought a suitcase with her clothes, her passport, and her most prized possession, pictures of her family. She left behind her bird that she used to walk around her neighborhood much like a dog. She also left her husband and her children in Trinidad. They were able to join her in 1990. Beulah is not a citizen of the United States. She has a green card and will become a citizen in 2007. She said that, ˘America is what I expected it to be.÷ There is only one thing that she doesnĂt like about America and that is the hot summers when it gets too hot and humid. While there were hot days in Trinidad, there was no humidity. She felt good about coming to America even though she was treated well in her home country. She has also been treated well here. As soon as she came to America, she was hired to be a live in nanny. She continues to be employed as a nanny, but lives in her own home on Arbutus Avenue. Her experiences working as a nurse in Trinidad helps her working as a nanny. When Beulah traveled by plane to immigrate to the U.S.A. a funny thing happened. When the steward served the food on the plane, Beulah saw a green piece of food on her plate. She didnĂt know what it was. She didnĂt want to eat it because she thought it might be a bush! The person sitting next to her told her that it was a vegetable called broccoli. Beulah also thought she would have other foods that she had in Trinidad but food here was a lot different. One of the foods she missed was calaloo, spinach like vegetable that is cooked with peas, rice, and milk. Beulah also missed macaroni pie, macaroni cooked in a pie in the oven. I really enjoyed my interview with Beulah. I have known Beulah since I was 2 months old. Now, I feel that I really know who she is! I now know BeulahĂs life journey to the United States. I have much respect for her hard work in getting here and her struggle to start a new life for her family. Beulah, an immigrant, a nanny, a friend.

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