By Keri M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Nancy was 16 when she entered college, and 19 when she left. She was also an English teacher. Nancy did work as a volunteer in a hospital in Boston to relieve civilian nurses. Back then they had entertainment centers called ˘ Buddies Clubs÷ or USO Clubs. These meant that typically on a Saturday, if you were a good, patriotic young women, you would serve doughnuts or coffee and talk to servicemen or servicewomen. Nancy also said that anyone who was an enemy of the Americans were portrayed as dangerous, inhuman, uncivilized, and unworthy of any sympathy. On the other hand Americans and allies were portrayed as radiant, good, decent, honorable, and always fighting valiantly. The war had a big impact on her. Nancy said that she was always aware of it. So many of her friends died in the war she couldnĂt help but notice the war.

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