By Adam D.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Peru

My interviewee is Gloria. She came to the United States on October 31, 1996. At the time she was 30 years old with a family of five. Gloria arrived from Peru on an airplane. She only brought pictures of her family and the clothes on her back. Gloria said she had to leave her mother and her friends behind to come to the United States. She stayed at her sister- in-lawĘs house for three months. But with nine people in a room, she felt so cramped that she ended up leasing an apartment in Maryland. Gloria met a lot of very nice and happy people in America when she first arrived, but it was very hard to communicate. Gloria says she still has problems with her English so she has a digital dictionary that helps her say words. Franklin makes it, and she bought it at Radio Shack. She loves it! Gloria became a citizen of the United States of America by learning about American history and studying hard. Gloria has two jobs, which are house cleaning and working for Mary Kay. (Mary Kay is a place that sells cosmetics accessories). In Peru, Gloria owned a bakery and her husband owned a car repair shop. Gloria told me an interesting story about a traditional cake from Peru that she was trying to find in America. This cake is called a pileton. She started out driving at 8 oĘclock from Baltimore with her four friends. They were driving, looking for a bakery. They were not aware of the time. Suddenly they saw a sign for New York and also realized that they were driving for five hours. It was 1AM. The worst part was that she never found her cake! Gloria said Peru is a very poor country, so my family gives her toys and clothes, which she sends back to her family. Gloria said her son is going to college soon, but she doesnĘt know where. One of the things Gloria does not like about the United States is that the kids have a lot of freedom. In Peru the kids get punished when acting badly and the parents do not, but in America the parents get punished and the kids donĘt. All in all Gloria loves the United States and canĘt wait for her whole family to join her here.

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