By Zach S.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: India

This is the story of Mr. SÆs immigration. Now he works at my school. He came from Bombay, India. He traveled by plane and went from Bombay to New York. He said it almost took 22 hours to get to New York City. When he arrived in America he thought the place was a lot cleaner and had less people than Bombay. He told me that there were four times as many people in India (1 billion) than in America (276 million). He lived in Washington DC by himself. He came to America in the year of 1982. He was 18 years old. He came to America to study because there was no college in India. Clothes were the only things he brought to his new country. His favorite food in America is a hamburger and his favorite food in Bombay was rice. The food he hated most in America were salads. He hasnÆt seen his whole family since 1996 but he sees his dad and step mom every two or so years. The last time he wet to India was one year ago. That is the story of Mr. SÆs immigration America.

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