By Michelle B.
Grade 6, Massachusetts
Country of Origin: Ireland

My great great grandfather came to America in 1846. This was the time of the Great Potato Famine. A blight occured in Ireland causing potato crops to die. Almost 70% of the population left. He came over with his five brothers on a sailboat. Since they were very poor they had to stay in the storage part of the boat. When Owen came to America he first was a laborer. He then went to southwest Georgia to fight in the Civil War. One time, he was under a blockade at Mobile Bay so the southern states couldn't get any goods from Europe. Sadly, in the battle of Antitem (the bloodiest battle in the Civil War) his brother Frank was killed. Owen returned to Boston and lived on Telegraph Hill. He died at the age of sixty. Owen Nicholson loved America though, even more then his homeland. As you know, America is the land of oppurtunities.

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