New York

By Barbara  J.
Grade 3, New York
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

My grandparents, William and Johan, immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland in the early 1920's. They came in search of greater economic opportunities than they could find in their homeland. They came on a ship and entered the U.S. through Ellis Island. They moved north of NYC to a little town called Montrose. My grandfather stared an automobile repair business. My father, Billy, was born in 1925.
William and Billy loved living in the United States, but Johan was lonely and homesick for her family. She never adjusted to life in Montrose, and longed to return to her beloved Scotland. In 1935, my grandparents and my father moved back to Scotland to mend my grandmother's broken heart.
Now it was my father's turn to be homesick. Even though he was only 10 years old, he knew that the U.S. was the place for him, and vowed to move back. After World War II, Billy was able to book passage on a ship bound for New York. He lived all alone in a New York City YMCA room, working odd jobs until he could find a job as a sheet metal worker. He met new people by playing soccer, and was even invited to play for the U.S. Olympic soccer team!
My dad met my mother and raised a family in Ossining, New York, just 10 minutes away from his Montrose birth place. He has never regretted returning to the U.S. and thinks it is the greatest country on earth!

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