By Zach D.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

When my Edna Epstein was 29 years old War World was going on. She lived in New Jersey during the war and was very scared. She was very scared because a German sub was destroyed near where she lived. Just think, how the war would have been if the Germans did get to America. To help the war she made a victory garden. She said they couldnĘt get some found that she liked. Also to help during the war she made scarves and work in the USO. She kept up with the war by reading the newspapers. My grand mom knew many people fighting in the war but luckily they all made it home. After the war was over she was very happy and glad it was over. When she told me all of this I was thinking how I would have handled it. I thought that I would have did most of the same things she did but missed things more like clothes and shoes. This interview was very enjoyable for the both of us and I hope now you will talk to your grandparents too.

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