New Jersey

By Caitlyn P.
Grade 5, New Jersey

This story is about my grandpa. He was only 5 years old during World War II. He was born August 21, 1936 in the Bronx, New York. He lived on the Grand Concourse with his parents, his five brothers, one sister, and a boarder. Each day was going to school, the many chores around the house, and helping his mother with the younger children. His father and he would go to the tabacco factory for the wooden cigar crates, that they would take home, and burn for heat. He could remember having to sometimes eat only one meal a day, as food was quite hard to come by, and there were many mouths to feed. They had to do the best they could with what they had. He could also remember the ration coupons. His happiest memory was when the war ended. He and his brothers had run wild in the street, yelling the war had ended, shooting off fire crackers. He feels his life had changed in a good way. He said for his family, it had not hurt them directly, as they had not lost any loved ones, but it showed him that we could accomplish things when we come together and fight for our freedom. My grandpa feels that life is harder now then it was back then. One reason, he believes, is the many different weapons available in today's world. Another reason is the technology. He sayĘs it changes the way the wars are fought. He also doesnĘt feel different about now, then he did during the war.

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