By Glenn M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

When Charlotte McCullough was 19 years old when the U.S. had gotten involved in WWII. ˘ I was visiting friends in Brindmour when I heard about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I was surprised and worried when I heard about this,÷ she said. Grandma wasnĂt scared, but she was fearful of people losing their lives, since she had three cousins. Nobody could get upbeat in her family because of that. Two out of her three cousins died, one because he fell down a pipe in a ship. Her husband, my grandfather had problems with his legs because he was injured in the war. He got the Purple Heart, though. When she heard about V-J Day, she was just uptown milling around. She was having a very fun time. Grandma was in a car-sharing club with five people. Grandmother held dances for soldiers when they came back from the war. That was pretty cool to hear how people back then had fun. If I could interview my grandmother again I would never skip the opportunity.

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