New Jersey

By Danielle B.
Grade 5, New Jersey

Evelyn was only seven years old when World War II began. She was born in 1932 in West Hospital. During the war she lived in New Jersey.
The lifestyle was very different from our lifestyle today. At school she had to do air raid tests. To do an air raid test she had to go under her desk when a whistle went off. At night the whistle blew again. At that time she had to pull down all the shades and turn out all the lights. She had to do this so her family wouldnĂt be bombed. The planes couldnĂt see any of the houses at night. For fun she played cards, paper dolls, and dominoes with her friends. Evelyn had a sad memory and a happy memory about the war. Evelyn quoted, ˘I saw my friend come off the train with many shots.÷ That was her saddest memory. Finally the war was over and her father was home. That was her happiest memory during World War II.

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