New Jersey

By Nick L.
Grade 5, New Jersey
Country of Origin: Italy

A twelve year old boy∆s journey can be pretty scary. He was my great grandfather. He was an orphan in Italy. He lived alone all his life. One day a boat came to pick up people to go to America. So he snuck on the boat. He hid in the bottom of the boat for a while. He arrived in America in a few days. When he got off the boat, he was in New York City. He said it was the scariest moment in his life. He was stuck in New York looking for a job. He was walking around in New York for days. Then one day he walked into a tailor shop. Then he got a job as a tailor. For a few months he was working as a tailor. The owners liked him so much, they adopted him. He stayed in New York and raised a family. My grandma is his daughter and my grandpa is his son. He is over 100 years old.

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