By Kristina C.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Do you know what it was like for a fourteen year-old during WWII? Well, my great-grandmother, Alice, was fourteen during the war and has many memories. Being a girl, she did not serve in the military, but her two brothers did, and luckily they came back alive.
Something that sticks in AliceĂs mind is when she and her friends would cross the railroad tracks to get to school. Everyday trains and trains full of soldiers would come by. They would all wave and throw little pieces of paper with their names and addresses out the window to Alice and her friends. ˘We used to get a lot of letters. We would write them and they would write us.÷ Says Alice.
Besides writing letters, Alice and her sisters would pretend to cook with twigs, dirt, and other things they would find outside. Also, her dad used to play music for them and she and her family would sing and dance together.
˘The war was scary, there were some good times and bad times,÷ says Alice ˘and IĂm glad itĂs over!÷

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