New Jersey

By Jessica G.
Grade 5, New Jersey

Robert is a amazing man that went through WW2. He wasnĘt born when WW2 started, but he was four in the middle of the war. It was a long time ago, but he remembers what happened. It was fun interviewing him because he had a lot to say and a lot of stories to tell. There was a lot of things I learned from him, but the must valuable thing I learned was to appriate what I have because in that time you had rations. If you needed something you would have to use the rations you were given. Without the rations you wouldnĘt get a lot of things. Also he remembered how friendly people were and how they shared everything they had. He knew if they need help he will always be there for them. As bad as it was during that time there was always time to meet new friends. He loved having friends during that time because if you need help there will always be your friends to help you. Bob taught me a good lesson on friendship. Be a good friend to your friends and they will be a good friend to you.

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