New Jersey

By Patrick S.
Grade 5, New Jersey

This is the story of my grandfather. He was born in New Jersey. He was 9 years old when World War II started and lived in Northfield, NJ. He recalls the rationing of butter, gasoline, sugar, canned goods, tires, toothpaste(to get a new tube you had to bring your old tube to recycle the lead), meat, electricity blackouts, curtains drawn all the time, had to paint top half of the headlights. He also recalls the fear of the war lasting so long that he would be called out. His happiest moment was when the war was over. He says the war changed his life because it provided a lot more opportunitites for education and the big rise in the economy after the war because of the many needs in cars, appliances, and food. He thinks we may have waited too long to get into the war.

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