By Sarah M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My Grandmother was twenty-three when the war began. No one in her family entered the war, only a friend who came back, and her boyfriend who never came back! Our family was Quakers (and we still are), thatĘs why we never entered the war. Although they didnĘt believe in war, they still tried to reuse things when possible to support the country. Katherine Stratton (my Grandmother) was already a medical records librarian in a hospital when the war started so she didnĘt need to change jobs to help the war effort. She described to me what a newsreel is. ItĘs when they show interviews and pictures from the war, and they showed between the movies. When VJ Day came, my Grandmother and a friend had taken two patients, who had lost their legs and arms, out to dinner at a hotel on the shore. When people heard the exciting news there was a lot of excitement and celebrating on the boardwalk. Like someone else said in another, PLEASE start sending in memories of one of your relatives or maybe many, because we need to remember this important defeat so we can tell our children, and their children, and so on. So, PLEASE send in memories!!!

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