New Jersey

By Alison C.
Grade 5, New Jersey

WorldWar Two was hard for the average person, but even harder for those who witnessed it first hand, such as Charles. He was Fourteen years old when the war started. When he first started his military experience, he was stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia. Then, he was deployed to France where he landed on D- Day. He was detained in France for two weeks until the Americans advanced. Following this, he was sent to Germany as a cook until the war ended. After the war was finally over, he stayed in Germany for an additional year as a Military Police. During the period when he was a cook, he served three hundred men breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. While he was a military police, He was required to carry two guns because he was constantly being shot at. His most memorable day of war was when he met his Commander, General Patton. Knowing he was serving his country was the thought that kept him going. But, as for many, the most dejected time was when friends and companions were killed. But through the good and the bad times, Charles Geissler is a true American. I would enlist again in a minute with the utmost pride to be serving my country.

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