By Yonael T.
Grade 9, Maryland

The story is about how a group of people were a party to a great tragedy that commenced on Mount Everest starting from March 29.1996 to May 13.1996.
The main character of the book is New Zealander Rob Hall, the leader of the expedition that was involved in the tragedy. Hall can be best described as Humorous, Gregarious, Slender, Dexterous and Adventurous as well.
Some of the other characters that were related to Rob Hall are Andy Harris, Ang Dorje Sherpa and Mount Everest itself.
- Andy Harris was one of the guides of the Adventure Consultants expedition and this was his first time climbing Mt. Everest. Harris helped the Rob Hall descend from Everest's summit to the South Summit which is only 328 feet below. Neither Hall nor Harris descended further than 28,700 feet. Hall died two days later and Harris was never found.
- Ang Dorje Sherpa was the leading Sherpa on Hall's expedition. Sherpas, who are native to Mt. Everest, are hired to carry equipment for expeditions that climb the mountain. Without Ang Dorge, Rob Hall could not have been able to organize the load bearing Sherpas easily.
- Towering at 29,028 feet, Mt. Everest is the world's highest mountain. The objective of the climbers is the summit of Everest.

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