By Stephanie T.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

On December 7th, 1941, Ann was just eight years old. She was scared of war, black outs, air raids, and crossing the street. When it came around to dinner, she ate Spam and stew. Her parents never had a car, so they didnĂt go anywhere. To use her time wisely, she went to the movies, played kick the can, and marbles with her best friend, Norma.
The war affected her life by not being able to live her life normally. She thinks Hitler and Emperor Hirohito were, ˘Despicable, Power Hungry Leaders that cost many, many lives that didnĂt need to be destroyed.÷
I think my grandma went through a lot during the war because food was rationed and she didnĂt have life as easy as we do today.

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