By Baert,Chalumeau, Rigaud B.
Grade 1, Washington
Country of Origin: Vietnam

-Good Morning, Miss Van How are you? -Fine, thank you very much. -Now,we go starting the interview. -If you want. -So, When and Where are you born? -I was born on January 2nd, 1982 in Thanh My Loi to Vietnam. -Why and When have you left your own country? -I have left my own country to going in The United states, more exactly in Seattle on may 5th, 1991. My coming was horrible. It was as in prison. I didn't used to have cold weather, furthermore I have never spoken English before. -What have you regreated about Vietnam? -In the initial, I have all regretted because I hated the United States but with time in my own country, the only thing which I let behind me was my older sister who is married and has children. When I left Vietnam without my sister, I felt like a part of myself was missing. Furthermore, I had lost many friends coming in The United States. -What? But, don't you have any friends there? -No,I didn't known any people when I arrived in the United States. -Oh My! Was It very hard for you coming in the new country alone? -Yes, the first month was very hard because It was a foreigner country and I didn't used to have such conditions'life. People don't take the time to life.They are too much preocupated with their job. They aren't very friendly. -What is your vision and your feeling about the United States and your new life? -Today, America is my home. This is where I should be. Now, here I have a job which permits earn some money to send to my family. Than more, I meet new people who are became my friends. And here I have a boyfriend who I love. -Thank you for having answered questions. Good luck for your future. -Thanks to you to have receveided myself. -Goodbye, miss Van.

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