By Miss K.
Grade 3, Maryland

One of the traditions in my family is the special way we open presents on Christmas. Just before we go to bed on Christmas Eve, each person is allowed to open one present. Every year I always end up wanting to open more but my parents never let me. We all go to bed and dream of the presents Santa Claus might bring. The first person up on Christmas Day, usually my sister or me, has to wait until 7 o∆clock to wake up everyone else. We wait because in years past, my mom and dad were not getting enough sleep. Once everyone is awake, we all gather in our living room and open stockings together. Then my sister and I start opening our gifts from Santa. Finally, my mom and dad join in. I am not sure how this tradition started because I was very young when it began. I do know that I will be sure to pass it on to my children because it will remind me of all the Christmas∆ I shared with my family.

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