By Sean O.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Have you ever heard of rationed goods or maybe a newsreel? These were everyday words back in the time of World War II. My uncle told me all about how he and his family lived during the war. ˘It was hard to live because all the factories were producing weapons or other war material÷. He was in charge of ration coupons. That means he had to give them the coupon and buy whatever the item was. Rationed goods arenĂt sold to you unless you have a ration coupon. Things that were rationed were gasoline, soap, flour, butter, and meat. He was lucky because he had a big family and sometimes you could only get one serving per person of these items.
When my uncle told me about D-Day I was very surprised. He told me that there were relatives and neighbors of his landing on the beaches. Fortunately he didnĂt know anyone who died. His whole family went to watch the newsreel, which is 2-3 minutes of what is going on, on the battleground. I never knew any of this about my family before; good thing I asked.

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