By Mark L.
Grade 5, Maryland

William David McCambell
Time served: December 9, 1943, - July, 9, 1946
Ages: was 18 when began and was 21 when he left

Mr. McCambell had a lot of memories that were very important to him. I guess that there are a lot of things that we take for granted. He could remember never having cigarettes when he wanted to and just relax. What really was gross was that you could find these nasty looking cockroaches in your cereal box, so he would some times have to shake the box so when he put he put the milk in the bugs would not drown. But then again there was an advantage of being in the Marine Corps. Maybe once a week on Fridays and they were good that week they could get like a buffet of any type of ice cream that your heart desired, that sounds good mmmm. Although they did get to drink beer once in a while if they did something good. But his best memory was getting off that boat and celebrating with his family and friends. He had such a interesting story.

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