By Daniel A.
Grade 6, Connecticut
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

What is your name? Carlos Where were you born? Carlos is from Ponce, Puerto Rico What country did you emigrate from? Carlos emigrated from Puerto Rico What year did you come to the United States? Carlos came in 1990 Why did your family come to the United Sates? Carlos and his family came to have a better life Did any family members come here before you? CarlosĘ uncles came before him. Carlos does not know what his trip was like. What was your first impression of the United Sates? Carlos did not know English. He did not bring anything special. How does school in the U.S. compare your other school? Carlos thinks school is better then his other. What did you do for fun in your other country? Carlos watched TV for fun. He does not think there is any thing difficult about being in a different country Carlos does not miss anything about his birth country. How do you feel immigrants are treated in the U.S.? Carlos thinks immigrants are treated well. What would you tell a person about the U.S.? Carlos would tell them it is a good country to live in.

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