By Jessica B.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

World War II can be called horrid or bloody, but it was called necessary, to save the world from tyrants, by Sylvia and Gerry Smith, my grandparents.
My grandmother was 5, when the war started, and remembers the lack of Circus Peanuts, and Double Bubble Bubblegum. She also remembers when her family thought her brotherĘs ship had sunk on D-Day. Really, it was the sister ship, but it was a close call anyway. Just like most other children, she had chores; she had to work on the victory garden, but had fun with her friends too.
My grandfather was 12 when the war started, and has memories both good and bad. His brother flew the hump (Burma to China) on a cargo plane. One day, it was overloaded and crashed. His brother died the next day. My grandfather also had some fun; he played and collected things for the war effort.
Both my grandparents agreed, although the war was necessary it was tragic. They hope that never again will anyone be faced with the fear of being separated from their loved ones in war.

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