By Katherine A.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

War. Nobody likes that word, unless you are a violent person. My grandfather, James Watt fought in the war and had many stories to tell me about his experience. The food was the main story he had to tell. The most common food they had to eat was Bully-Beef, a meat made up of many meats, and sometimes shark. One time when he was eating with an Arab leader, he had to eat sheepÆs eyes in order to be polite! Another time the Americans asked them to come eat dinner with them, and they were astounded to see that they had vegetables and chicken and other really good foods, while they were surviving on poor quality food. Just so that people know, most of the British troops had it worse off than most of the American troops. Everybody wants to be a hero; you can find them in a nursing home or at a graveyard. Every single person that fought in the war is a hero.

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