By Megan  F.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

When my grandfather was in high school, he signed up to be a volunteer fire fighter since the regular fire fighters were out at war. He went to Radnor High School, and the Radnor Fire Company was right next door. If during the school day he was called to fight fires, he would politely ask the teacher to be excused to go. One time he was about to sit down for a huge history test when he was called to fight. The teacher agreed and my grandfather went out of the room. After he and his friends fought the small fire, there was about 30 minutes left in the class period with the test. My grandfather and his friends didn't feel like going back to the test, so the went to play pool in the fire company building. At the end of that day, my grandfather went to ask his history teacher when he could make the test up. The teacher replied since he was helping the community, he would get an A.

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