By Zach L.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My Grandfather was a big part of the war because he was in the military. When the war began he was only a seventeen year old junior in high school. Grandpa had family members and friends in the war with him in combat, and sadly one of his best friends did not return. He was in Europe for about three and a half years and only once did he hear about a deserter. He said that person must have not been thinking because he knew of the consequences if you deserted. Only one time did my grandpop disagree with leaders such as general Patton. Patton thought when they left an area they should distroy everything they left such as houses and my Grandpa didn't think that was needed. The war affected his education dramatically. In order to complete high School, he had to go to four years of night school after being in the war for three years. When V-J day came, Grandpa was very excited, but he had no time to celebrate. At the time, he was in Ireland and was shipped back to Philadelphia were he met with his parents. That is the life of a soldier.

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