By Kristen H.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Robert Helmig was 18 years old when the war began. Eleanor, his future wife, was a young eight year old girl. Robert served in the military with many of his best friends. There werenĂt many deserters because everyone that was able to serve did. All that mattered was that something had to be done with Hitler; everyone was willing to do that. When Pearl Harbor was attacked Robert was inside watching the Eagles beat Washington. Eleanor claimed, ˘He was probably lying on the sofa. ThatĂs what he did every weekend.÷ Eleanor and Robert didnĂt have any relatives in the war because Eleanor was in a family of all girls and RobertĂs brothers were too young to serve. When Robert Helmig heard about Pearl Harbor, he was on the couch watching the Eagles play Washington. He had been so shocked that anyone would ever do such a thing to thousands and thousands of people. Eleanor was scared to death of Hirohito and Hitler. She claimed that she would listen to the reports on the war and have nightmares about the horrible things the NaziĂs did. They both seemed like they just wanted it to be over, done and over.

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