By *Emily* M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Do you like Spam? People made Spam seem like a bad thing, but my grandfather said that Spam was good, and it was easy to work with. His mother had many recipes using Spam. Joseph Mulvey was a thirteen-year old boy during WWII. I interviewed him after Thanksgiving dinner. Although the interview didnĂt take long, I learned a lot of important information.

Because Popop was so little, he didnĂt go off to war, but almost all of his cousins did. All of them came back; only two were wounded. ˘Ó people couldnĂt wait to go off to war÷ he stated. His most vivid memory of the war was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. When he heard about the bombing, he was at the movies. When he got back from the movies he was listening to his favorite radio program ˘The Shadow÷. They interrupted the program to explain what happened.

Talking with my grandfather was very interesting and sad. I hope that everybody can share these memories with their relatives.

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