By Lauren R.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My grandfather, a boy in a small Pennsylvania town during WWII, will always remember what he did to help the war effort as a boy. During the nerve racking Blackout drills, he and his father had two very important jobs to do. He was a messenger to tell people to turn off their lights, and he was responsible for calling the authorities if needed (fire department, police, ambulance). His father, being a warden, had to make sure that EVERYONE'S lights were out.
Sadly, because of the war, my grandfather had sort of hard college years. This was because of the GI given to any war vet. It gave vets of the war a chance to go to college ABSOLUTELY FREE even with money to live on! So, in turn, his school was overloaded three/four times the amount of people it could hold. And since he was a freshman (the lowest priority) he couldnĘt get the higher classes he needed, he even couldnĘt get things like books or lockers, so he had to go to summer school!!
My grandfather and his family were always very intent with the war effort. They grew a HUGE victory garden with everything from corn and carrots, to spinach and radishes, the whole garden covering half of their back yard! They preserved and, specifically, dehydrated, A LOT because they had a dehydrating machine.

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