By Michelle P.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pull down your shades, hide under the table, and pray that youĂll live? Probably not, but just a little over fifty years ago, many people had to do that. Including all four of my grandparents, Frank, Lorraine, Tony, and Roberta. LorraineĂs father was an air raid warden in Philadelphia, who would go around the neighborhood and tell anyone with their lights on to pull down their shades, and hide under the table. Frank jokes, ˘While we were hiding under the table, my mom would give me a rag to dust off the table!÷ When you think about it, these blackouts were very serious. Just to think that your town might be blown away is a very scary thought. In case there was a bomb dropped, there was an air raid warden box with shovels, picks, sand, and a first aid kit. Despite the rations, every block had one of these. These were the very scary times that my grandparents had to live through when they were kids growing up during WWII.

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