By Chas C.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My grandfather, a twenty-five year old man at the time, was drafted into the U.S. Army for WWII. Although being drafted doesnĂt sound like the greatest thing in the world, he was glad that it happened. He felt it was an honor to serve for his country in the war. His progression in the war in his rankings was amazing to me. He went from just a man helping out in the war, to the rank of Technician 4th Grade. That is the equivalent to a sergeant in the armed forces! Although he didnĂt see any fighting action, he still contributed in the technical field and the hospital duty. So, he didnĂt help the fighters on the battlefield, he helped them when they got injured or before they even went out there. Back in America, though, he had his newlywed helping the war on the ˘Home Front.÷ So, my grandparents may not have shot any bullets, but they did contribute to the war in their own way!

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