By Jasmine Y.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Immigration Interview Jasmine: What country are you originally from? Dr. Lily: I am originally from Lahore, Pakistan. Jasmine: How old were you when you came to America? Dr. Lily: I was seventeen. Jasmine: Did you come with your family? Dr Herbert: No, most of my siblings were already here. Jasmine: Was the immigration process hard? Dr. Herbert: No, there was lots of paper work, but no it was not a problem. Jasmine: Why did you come to America? Dr. Herbert: Well, I came because my mother thought that this was the best place for my future, personal and professional. Jasmine: Would you ever consider moving back to Pakistan, and why? Dr. Herbert: No, because this is my home and where my family is, and if I wanted to live there I would have never left. Jasmine: Why do you think that America is better than where you originally lived? Dr. Herbert: Well, there are many things that are better and different here, and the one thing that I appreciate the most is the freedom of religion. Jasmine: What kind of jobs did you have when you first came here? Dr. Herbert: I worked at a temp. agency in Washington D.C., answering phones, stuffing envelopes and etc. Jasmine: What do you miss about Pakistan? Dr. Herbert: I didnĘt have to do any house work there. Jasmine: Were you treated unfairly when you first came to the United States because you were an immigrant? Dr. Herbert: No, if someone doesnĘt like me or is unkind I donĘt think it is because of my place of birth.

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