By Max B.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Canada

Max: When did you come to the United States and why? Mr. Barzel: I came to the U. S. in 1973. I came here because I thought there would be a lot more opportunity than in my native Canada. Max: Were you living a nice life in Canada? Mr. Barzel: It was a very nice life. Max: What do you like best about living in the U.S? Mr. Barzel: ItĂs a great place to raise a family and thereĂs a lot of opportunity here. Max: How do you think immigrants are treated in the U. S.? Mr. Barzel: I think once you get here immigrants are treated well but coming over is very hard for a lot of immigrants. Max: What is the biggest difference in here and Canada? Mr. Barzel: There are a lot more people here and I noticed everywhere I went there were lines. There were lines at the bank, the grocery store, to get in the bathroom. That was a big difference. Max: What was one big surprise you or your family experienced in your new country? Mr. Barzel: When I came to the U. S., the Vietnam war was still going on and all I had was a green card. The government sent me a draft notice and I had a number and a designation of 1H. You have to send this card back and if they send you a designation youĂre going to have to report for service. Max: What was the hardest thing to adjust to in the U. S.? Mr. Barzel: Everything was big and there was a lot of everything so wherever you went, like if you went traveling, there were long lines, so it was hard to get a ticket to go somewhere because there were a lot of people. The buses were big and the planes were big, so that was hard to adjust to. Max: What do you miss most about Canada? Mr. Barzel: Canada is a beautiful country with friendly people and I miss the people and I miss the countryside with the wide-open beautiful spaces. Max: Do you think your education was better here or in Canada? Mr. Barzel: I think my education in both places was very good. There were a lot more choices here so IĂd say in that respect it was better. Max: What is your favorite American food? Mr. Barzel: I like the multi-ethnicity we have gotten in this country. It used to just be bland a much more American single diet. Toronto, where I lived, is a big melting pot and thereĂre all different kinds of foods. There was a big Chinese population, a big Italian population, a big Middle-Eastern population, and a big Caribbean population and there were a lot of different foods, I missed that when I first came here. Now there are a lot of different kinds of food in the U. S. and IĂm enjoying that now. Max: Did you speak any different language when you were in Canada? Mr. Barzel: Where I grew up in Montreal you had to speak French and they started teaching you French when you were in Kindergarten. Max: Would you like to pay a long visit to Canada? Mr. Barzel: Yeah, I would love to go back to Canada, I enjoy it every time I go there. Max: Is there a big weather difference? Mr. Barzel: Between where we are in Memphis and in anywhere in Canada. itĂs a lot colder in Canada. Max: Is it cold all year long? Mr. Barzel: In the summer here when itĂs 90 itĂs going to be 85 in Canada but in the night it would be 50 instead of 70.

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