By Morgan D.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

IMMIGRATION INTERVIEW Hi, my name is Morgan.I am going to interview my babysitter named Hannelore. She is originally from Germany. Morgan: How old were you when you came to America? Hannelore: I was 45 years old when I came to America. Morgan: Does all of your family live in the U.S.? Hannelore: No, my mother, father and brother still live in Europe. Morgan: Is life better or worse in the U.S.? Hannelore: Life is worse in the U.S. because they have different rules. The government provides to much help for people who can work. Also, it seems like American people are always in a rush to get somewhere. Morgan: What were the schools like? Hannelore: The schools were nice because the teachers were nice and the students were very smart. Morgan: What was work like? Hannelore: Work was hard because I had to work a lot of overtime. It seemed like I didn't have enough time to do other things. Morgan: Why did you come to America? Hannelore: I came to America because the Army sent my husband back to America. Morgan: How long have you lived in the U.S.? Hannelore: I have lived in America 5 years. Morgan: Were you scared when you came to the U.S.? Hannelore: Yes, I was scared when I came to the U.S. because of the different lifestyles. Morgan: How did you get here? Hannelore: I got here by a plane. Morgan: How different is the U.S. from where you are from? Hannelore: The U.S. is different from Europe because Europe is smaller than America. There are more people over here. Everyone is so busy working. I donÆt see a lot of families outside doing things together in the neighborhood. Morgan: What was your life like in Europe? Hannelore: My life was easier because people there were friendlier and closer to you. Everyone in your neighborhood helped you. Morgan: Was it hard for you to learn the English language? Hannelore: No, it was not hard to learn the English language because I already knew some of it. Morgan: What is your favorite American food? Hannelore: My favorite American foods are steak and bake potato. Morgan: Would you like to visit Europe again? Hannelore: Yes, I would like to visit Europe because I would like to see my family and friends again. Morgan: What was the hardest thing to adjust to in the U.S.? Hannelore: The hardest thing to adjust to in the U.S. was the culture. Morgan: What do you like the most about the U.S.? Hannelore: I like all the different stores. I also like my new house and huge backyard where my dog runs and plays. Morgan: Would you permanently live in the U.S. or Europe? Hannelore: I would permanently live in the U.S. because I like it here. There are more job opportunities. Morgan: What do you miss most back in Europe? Hannelore: I miss my family and friends the most. I also miss EuropeÆs pretty outside nature and scenery. Morgan: How do you feel that immigrants are treated once they get in the U.S.? Hannelore: Sometimes, they arenÆt treated fairly because of the language difference. Americans donÆt talk to them or get to know them because they canÆt understand their language. Morgan: What was the most difficult part about coming to the U.S.? Hannelore: The most difficult part about coming to the U.S. was leaving my family and going to a new country where I didnÆt know anyone other than my husband. It took me six months before I met some knew friends. Now I just love being in America.

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