By Samantha U.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

Immigrant Interview Samantha: Before you came to the United States what countries did you live in ? Aldona: I lived in Lithuania, Poland ,and Germany. Samantha: Why did you come to the United States? Aldona: I came to the United States because in Germany everybody wanted to come to the United States and not everybody could come to the United States. In fact, lots of the people had to stay behind. In Germany whatever reasons, one of them was heath and so on. Others came to Canada, Brazil, and England. Some of them were lucky like me and came to America. I spoke 2 different languages. Samantha: How did your family get the United States? Aldona: On a small ship and they were very sea sick and so was I. It took 12 days to get to the United States. Samantha: Did your whole family come at one time? Aldona: Yes, my whole family did come at one time. My parents and my four other sisters. A year and a half ago I lost one of my sisters because of Cancer. Samantha: Did you lose any family members on the way over here to the United States? Aldona: No, I did not. Samantha: How old were you when you came to the United States? Aldona: I was a teenager really not old enough to work. Samantha; How long haved you lived in the United States? Aldona: I haved lived in the United States since 1951. When I got here I first lived in Chicago, IL and the last place was Memphis, TN. Samantha: Were you scared when you came to the United States? Aldona: No, I wasnĘt because everybody wanted to come here so we where very happy and that was a challenge. Samantha: Is life better or worse in the United States? Aldona: Life is better in the United States because you have more freedom. If you work hard you can get a house and maybe a car. Samantha: Did you struggle when you came to the United States? Aldona: Yes we did. We came in April 1951 and no one helped us out when we got here or picked us up. They gave us $2.00 for Adults and $1.00 for kids. Samantha: What were the schools like in Germany? Aldona: Well, we went there from early in the morning and came back late at night. We had school six days a week but not on Sunday. The schools there were very harsh. Samantha: What was work like there? Aldona: Well, as a child I cannot really tell how it was and plus we were in work camps.

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