By Lyndy B.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Sweden

My Inside Interview with Dr. Leung By: Lyndy Lyndy: What is your original homeland? Dr. Leung: My original homeland was Sweden. Lyndy: How old were you when you came to America? Dr. Leung: I was 21 when I came here. Lyndy: Why did you come to America? Dr. Leung: I came to America because I was given the opportunity to study on an Exchange Student Program. Lyndy: What are the schools like in Sweden? Are they different or similar to the schools in America? Dr. Leung: Well, they were different because you only go to school for nine years, which means you get out of school at 15. Lyndy: Did you have a job in Sweden? Dr. Leung: Yes, I worked in a nursing home. Lyndy: How did you get here, by ship or plane? Dr. Leung: I took a plane to New York City, then on to Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the plane ride to Minneapolis, I drove to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Lyndy: Does any of your Swedish family live here in America? Dr. Leung: No. Lyndy: How often do you go to see your family in Sweden? Dr. Leung: Almost every summer. Lyndy: How different is America from Sweden? Dr. Leung: Well, some parts of America are more like Sweden than other parts. Up north around Wisconsin is more like Sweden then Memphis, Tennessee. Lyndy: Would you rather live in Sweden or America? Dr. Leung: I would rather live here because I have lived here quite a while and have made America my home. Besides, my work is here, my friends are here, and after all these years here it would make it hard for me to move back. Lyndy: Would you ever consider moving back to Sweden? Dr. Leung: Maybe when IĈm old, but it would be the same as if I moved up north around Wisconsin and Michigan.

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