By Lukas L.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: China

This is an interview with Les by Lukas in Memphis, TN February 29, 2004. Lukas: What is your full name and birth date? Les: My full name is Sheung-wing Leung and my birth date is November 1, 1957. Lukas: How do you spell full your name? Les: I spell my full name S-h-e-u-n-g-w-i-n-g. Lukas: What does your name mean in Chinese? Les: When I was 1, there are five elements and I am named after water, so one part of my name, the sheung means ˘wealthy÷ Lukas: How long have lived in the U.S.? Les: I have been here since 1978 so it will be 26 years. Lukas: Where did you first live? Les: I first lived in Hong Kong and I was born in 1957 I left Hong Kong in 1977. Lukas: Were you scared when you came to the U.S.? Les: Not as scared as when I went to England. Lukas: Why? Les: Because the culture is different and the weather is different. Lukas: How did you get here? Les: I came here from London to New York to Chicago to Wisconsin. Lukas: How did you get the name Les? Les: A friend of mine in Hong Kong helped me to get my name. Lukas: How different is the U.S. from Hong Kong? Les: A big difference is the weather, its cooler in Wisconsin than Hong Kong, also the population, its much quieter in Wisconsin than Hong Kong, I guess thereĂs more to do in Hong Kong. Lukas: What was your life like in Hong Kong? Les: Basically just go to school and hang out with friends and study. Lukas: How old were you when you came to the U.S.? Les: 21 years old. Lukas: Is life better in the U.S.? Les: Life is better in the U.S. than in Hong Kong because of the space and the jobs are easier to find here. Lukas: How is school different in Hong Kong compared to my school? Les: There is not a lot of one-on-one between the students and the teachers in Hong Kong. Also, you have to memorize stuff. That was when I was in high school, instead of really understanding things. Lukas: Did you ever work in Hong Kong? Les: I worked part-time in Hong Kong. I had a summer job and I also worked for my dad [tailor shop] before I left Hong Kong. Lukas: What was work like? Les: Busy. From 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 at night. You got a lunch breakÓActually, it was not to 8:00 at night, it was to 6:00 at night. Sometimes you work overtime because I worked in a factory as a summer job. Lukas: Did your family struggle when you were a kid? Les: Yes, because coming from a big family¨five kids in the family plus a grandma and a grandpa¨my mom and dad had to work real hard. Lukas: Thank you for letting me interview you. I learned a lot from this.

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