By Logan L.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Sweden

Immigrant Interview Logan March 1, 2004 For my interview I chose to interview Dr. Leung who is an 11th grade teacher at Lausanne. I began my interview by asking ˘where are you from?÷ Dr. Leung told me that she is from Sweden. ˘What kind of transportation did you take?÷ She said,÷ she flew from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Then she flew to New York and went through the check at Kennedy Air Port. She then flew from New York to Minneapolis and drove to Eau Claire where she went to school.÷ Next I asked where she landed? She said New York. After that I asked if she moved with her family. She responded no. After that I asked if she lost any family members along the way? She responded ˘no.÷ Next I asked if she was scared? She responded,÷ yes because I did not know people there but she was also excited.÷ After that I asked if the government treated her bad? She responded, ˘No that is not the reason I moved.÷ After that I asked what was her first impression of the United States? She responded, ˘It was good and she had a roast beef sandwich.÷ After that I asked what her first job was? She said, ˘I did not have a job because I was a student.÷ Last I asked if she ever wants to move back? She said, ˘No I would not want to move there but maybe just to visit.÷

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