By James D.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My seventy-four year old Grandmother was only fifteen years old when the war started. Some of her best friends ended up fighting in the war. A lot of these friends never returned. My Grandmothers most memorable moment was on December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by air from the Japanese. She remembers how her best friendĂs brother was killed there, and how she helped her friend through the loss. She also remembers going to the auditorium at school the day after the attack, so all the students could listen to the radio and they heard President Roosevelt declare war on Japan. ˘That is when the posters came up.÷, she told me.
My Grandmother believes that not as many people are interested in helping their country today as they were back then.
My Grandmother did not have a ˘war job÷ she was a nursing student. The nursing students did a lot of work since the registries nurses were sent in to duty for the injured soldiers. She also remembers going to the movies and watching news clippings of the war. A lot of the news was a month delayed by the time the people saw the clips.
Then D-day finally came, when the U.S.A. invaded France and finally captured France. V-J Day followed when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. My grandmother remembers, ˘Oh, people were marching and having parties, and just having a good time after these events.÷

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